The selling process explained

The selling process explaindIt may seem complex, but it does not have to be! Here are some of the steps that we will go through during the sale:

1. Initial Contact – by phone or email

  • In our first conversation, I like to get the details of your home.  This will be similar to the information in the “What is your Transcona Home Worth” section.  I will then do a bit of research and determine a reasonable range of value for properties with characteristics such as yours.

2. First meeting

  • After compiling this list, I like to visit the home.  My goal in this appointment is to get to know you, your needs, and also determine the condition of your home.
  • Other items that will be discussed are timelines, when is it a good time to sell. What fix-ups could be done and what returns can be expected, what kind of costs are involved, etc. I will answer any and all of your questions.

3. Determining home value

  • Once I have viewed the home and we have discussed timelines, I will be able to arrive at a solid pricing recommendation.

4. Preparing your Home for Sale

  • Depending on the state of the home, the time allowed, your situation, etc. we will come up with an appropriate game plan for selling your home.  I always bring in a professional stager just to make sure everything is placed just right for the photos.

5. Photo Shoot!

  • After the home is staged and looks just right, it’s time to bring in my photographer. I insist on having professional photographs for all of my listings. With 90% or more of buyers seeing your property on the Internet first, a good picture may just be what it takes to get them through the door!

6. Buy Me!

  • It’s officially time to sell!  The lockbox gets installed, the sign goes up, the open houses get booked, private showings are also booked, a realtor open house (whenever is feasible) is booked. There will always be a licensed Realtor showing your home. No strangers allowed!

7. Open House

  • My open houses are part of my signature. From the signage, to the in-home ambience. Let me explain what I do differently at your open house

8. Dealing with the Offers

  • The best part of this process – getting an offer (or maybe even a few)! Let me put my expert negotiation skills to use and get a selling price as well as conditions that you are happy with!

9. Behind the Scenes

  • It may seem like a ton of paperwork, but I am blessed to have an amazing team that will get all of your paperwork where it needs to go – to the bank, the lawyer, insurer, mover, etc. When the time comes, you need only show up and provide your siggy!
  • Need a referral for a lawyer or any other professional services? I can help you with that!

10. Moving Day

  • There are SOO many things to remember for your move. I provide all of my clients useful moving packages that include checklists, tax information, etc. to ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

11. Keep in Touch!

  • I give my clients my direct cell phone number so that they can reach me 24/7. This is not limited to during the course of the sale.  Please keep in touch with any questions you may have. And if you are trying to shake me, good luck!  I will track you down.