My marketing for your home

My marketing for your homeWhile I will not reveal all of my secrets on my Website, here are key points from my marketing plan that have led to my continued success in the Transcona area:

Extensive Home Prep

  • From our initial consult which will include my recommendations, to meetings with the stager, I visit and re-visit your home to make sure things are just right!

Professional Photography AND Videography

  • I bring through my amazing photographer who first shoots the stills (photos of your home).  He then will go through your entire home again to shoot the virtual tour.  This is a VIDEO to show the layout of your home. This is NOT a slideshow of pictures to music.  I do not consider the latter a virtual tour.

For Sale Sign

  • I will use a sign with a light source whenever possible for my listings.  I want to make sure that your listing stands out 24/7!

Entry onto MLS

  • The MLS will only allow 20 photos.  When a picture says a 1000 words, it is important to maximize the use of pictures as well as written descriptions. I would be more than happy to send you links to past listings so that you can see the difference.

Submission to other Websites

  • With the majority of buyers now first looking at properties online, Web presence is becoming increasingly important. My listings all appear on over 40 Websites.

Print Advertising

  • There are also many print publications where I will feature your listing.  This includes the Wininpeg Real Estate News and the Winnipeg Free Press among others.

Open Houses

  • I guarantee a minimum of an open house every other weekend.  Of course if I can do more, I will.  Each of these open houses will have between 20-30 directional signs and an additional 12-15 feather flags. 
  • At least 100 targeted open house invitations will be hand delivered. These are targeted based on the style of your home and who would likely be looking for this style of home.
  • For all open houses, I arrive early to give myself enough time to light my candles, turn all of the lights on, get my music playing, and lay out some treats.  An open house is an event after all! 
  • Feedback is extremely important as well.  For every open house, you will receive a detailed feedback report from me

Continuous Feedback

  • Similar to my open houses, I do request feedback for all showings.  I will relay this information to you regularly in an effort to be sure we are in touch with the market.

Feature Sheets

  • A great deal of time and effort is put into my feature sheets. It is important to emphasize all of the important amenities of your home to potential buyers. The idea is to make the best possible impression and to provide information so that after looking at dozens of homes, your home will stand out in the buyer’s mind.

Home Book

  • Not all agents will be as knowledgeable about your home and the neighborhood. Sometimes they will not be familiar with the area. I will compile a book to be left in your house which will answer most buyer questions about your home, the community facilities, schools, and the surrounding area. The objective is to provide the buyers with all the information they need to make the decision to purchase your home.

Broker Open House

  • Time permitting, I love to host broker open houses.  These serve as a “sneak peak” of the home before it comes onto the market.  It is all about building the hype and excitement for your home!

Personal Contacts

  • I have an extensive database from doing business in the area over the last several years. I will personally go through my contact list to make sure individual emails are sent out to anyone who may be interested in your home.

Social Marketing

  • Keeping current is incredibly important. As such, your listing will be featured on my Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube channels. 

Mobile Marketing

  • Most people will search out listings from their phones as they drive by the property. I have developed mobile friendly Websites with that in mind.

RE/MAX Network

  • RE/MAX sells more real estate in Winnipeg than any other company. We command close to 40% of the market. Let this network work for you!


  • The process is a team effort. My job is to market your home to the best of my ability. I think my track record in the area speaks for itself.